ORCHRAD® began life as my back yard riding spot, the property I bought was situated on an old orchard and with a simple switch of letters 'The Orchrad' was born. The plan was to fill the Orchrad with jumps and features to ride on my bike, the dream of having a backyard spot was slowly coming to life and after a short while the back yard was looking amazing until disaster struck. Unfortunely an extremely jealous and bitter local mountain biker going by the name of Mark R.... decided he would report me to the local authorities (the council ended up sending me the email he had written to them) and my childhood dream of having jumps in my back yard was destroyed, literally. I received a visit from the local council telling me to flatten all the jumps, I tried to appeal the decision but apprently in the UK you don't really own your own home and they decided that I could'nt even have a few mounds of dirt in the garden, crazy. Roll forward Two years and I was looking out the window at the Orchrad signpost that was still there and it seemed to jump out at me and I thought , why not bring ORCHRAD back to life in the form of a clothing brand for everyone to enjoy and look steezy in while shredding mountain bikes!